15 Mar 2018

API Test Automation using POSTMAN

Nowadays when we talk about automation in software project everybody jumps into automating functional test cases of their application and writing GUI tests. In addition, there is one important aspect of “API Testing” which we can run right after unit tests as part of the process to provide an…

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09 Mar 2018

At Mobiuso every project we have worked on had some unique challenging elements. The technical solution required out of the box thinking and research to provide the suitable solution. We recently faced one such challenge where we had to create an interactive content platform for Kids & Toy brands…

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06 Mar 2018

Have you worked on any Node JS application recently? However, you may not be familiar with how these applications are managed on the production server!!! We recently had a project where we had to set up a Node JS application on Linux server. We needed a tool to solve…

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