12 Dec 2013

Skyscape’s Medpresso – a Refreshing Start

Hi there! Though the Mobius strip has only one side, a business’ situation, and hence the solutions, can have many aspects to them. Today, we will walk you through how Mobiuso helped Skyscape Medpresso re-establish themselves on the mobile/web platforms by (re)launching their mobile app and website.
You might have noticed that we call it a “relaunch” and not a “launch”. To understand why, we need to look at the history around this. The Skyscape brand (as a mobile app or a website) has had a long-standing recall in the minds of the users from the medical fraternity. However, over the period from early 2010 to Aug 2013, this was taken over and received a backseat as a result of corporate restructuring. The development of a similar mobile app taking place in parallel, also meant that the focus on (and hence, the impact of) the Skyscape app was diluted over time. When Skyscape Medpresso bought back the brand, the biggest challenge facing them was to regain this mindshare and take the brand back to its glory days.


So far, so good, until you consider the many roadblocks that lay ahead. The most significant of these being:
  • Tons of legacy technology: Over the years, the Skyscape ecosystem had accumulated a whole lot of subsystems (app development, website, product delivery etc.), most of which were developed using technologies which can be called “legacy” today and had not been touched since. This also meant that much of the knowledge needed to transition/maintain/upgrade these systems was no longer easily available.
  • Logistics/Operations support: Skyscape Medpresso being a newborn company did not yet have the talent pool needed to transition and maintain the operations needed for business continuity. we plugged in the gaps by providing logistics and operations support so that the business could continue while Skyscape Medpresso continued to build its business units.
  • Time: Time is money, they say. This is especially true in business where delayed time to market directly hits the profitability of a company. The scale of change needed was simply too huge to be carried out in a reasonable time. This is where we stepped in to put together the pieces of the big picture and carry out the transition in minimum time.
  • Priorities: When you have to do it all, deciding how/when to do it is also a task. We worked with Skyscape Medpresso to decide and implement the best possible business plan to achieve our ultimate goal – to reestablish the brand in the market by making a refreshed app/website available to the users.
  • Refresh the brand: Last but certainly not the least, the biggest challenge was to regain the mindshare that the Skyscape brand had lost over the years and to make it the first-choice brand for the users. This essentially needed a repositioning of the brand, a “comeback”, so to say.

Step by Step

Some of the steps that we took to tackle the challenges were:
  • Transitioned the knowledge from the earlier to Medpresso. This included iOS/Android app development, content repurposing, website development, QA processes and business operations. This happened between August 2013 and June 2014.
  • Took over the app/website development and QA during the transition period to help get them out in the market at the earliest.
  • Helped set up teams/processes at Skyscape Medpresso to take over the above-mentioned tasks and made them operational, while continuing to fill in the gaps as and when needed.

The Result

Once you have tackled the challenges, can the accomplishments be far behind? Of course not. So, here they come:
  • The refreshed Skyscape Medical Library (SML) app on iOS was launched in November 2013.
  • The new-look Skyscape website went live in April 2014. This was refreshed from a conventional .NET website to use a modern-looking, responsive template which means that it can be used on a variety of devices, ranging from a laptop to a tablet to a smartphone.
  • The SML app on Android is being refreshed and will go live soon.

Seeing is believing, they say, and we believe in that. So, we would like you to see how the changes look. Here we go:


Before: Skyscape Medical Resources app


SMR Home1 SMR SplashScreen SMR Home2

After: Skyscape Medical Resources app

SML SplashScreen SML Home2 SML Home1

What’s Next

Resting on our laurels is not something we like to do. Like all journeys, this one too has just begun. There are many exciting things down the line, including:
  • Addition of newer features in the app/website, including but not limited to the “Elastic menu” in the app (Patent pending) & Making e-commerce easier and painless on the website
  • Release of latest content resources
  • Overhauling of the website to use the latest technologies and reduce dependency on legacy tools

By the way, there is an equally compelling story about “reskinning” the website, but let’s keep it for another time (over a cup of steaming Latte or Espresso!)