23 May 2016

Accelerating Innovation at New York Presbyterian

A team consisting of New York Presbyterian Pediatric Specialists, employees, startup employees, and Mobiuso engineers recently participated in the InnovateNYP: Pediatric App Challenge. Over the course of 8 weeks the team collaboratively conceptualized, designed, and built a sophisticated native iOS App called “NYP Amazing Journey”. The App acts as a child’s digital guide during her stay at New York Presbyterian Hospital. The key aims of the App include:

  • Facilitate communication between care givers and child/family
  • Allow the child to express him/herself regarding the hospitalization
  • Reward the child for actively participating in his/her own care
  • Increase child/family’s familiarity of hospital staff and operations
  • Create a fun, interactive, and engaging environment for children during their hospitalization and utilize live information from hospital resources to provide accurate information to the child and his/her parents

How We Did It

Initially the team brainstormed with pediatric subject matter experts including several Pediatricians to learn a typical family’s pain points during a hospital stay and investigated ways to improve it. Over the course of a weekend the team brainstormed the design ideas and after an exhaustive, albeit exciting & progressive set of iterations came up with the fun and educational design prototype. Here is how some of the work looked like:



iPhone Sketch


This was further refined until the expert input got translated to what looks like in this initial concept prototype.

The team then rapidly moved to craft a catchy and fun user interface that would appeal to children. The design was realized in a native iOS App (XCode and Swift) and the App also integrated into several Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR; Patient, Practitioner, DiagnosticOrder, Condition etc.) to implement a sophisticated set of features. The integrations into existing hospital information resources provides live information to the patient about the care they receive within the hospital. The team also leveraged MBaaS services to ensure that the app is performant, scalable, and also meets all required HIPAA guidelines!

The Result

The team was able to create a fun, interactive App for children undergoing hospitalizations in record time. In addition to the New York Presbyterian Hospital, Mobiuso has also worked with a number of major hospital systems including the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA) to advance the standard and efficiency of care including designing and building the first ever system for curating and prescribing digital content and Apps to patients exiting hospitalizations to improve their follow-up outcomes.


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