23 Sep 2015

ShshDox … Sh..Shh – It’s Our Secret

Many of you may remember the journey to develop the ShshDox that was released over a year ago.  It’s an app that was triggered for my specific need to manage the multitudes of passwords and sensitive details that are needed to be on your fingertips (and mostly in locations when you don’t have access to your computer or even the Internet access).


There is a blog entry for the initial communication that was sent related to the development.  I want to highlight some of the unique (at that time) features it sported – such as:

  • Simple way to link to your Dropbox account (more than one to support enterprise and sharing behavior)
  • Ability to organize files of multiple types (beyond the basic editable text-based notes files that it originally envisioned).  These included things like HTML, Graphics files (JPG/PNG/TIFF), PDF, Word/Excel/PPT, etc
  • Ability to edit and update text files
  • Ability to view all types of files
  • Ability to encrypt files for peace of mind
  • Ability to share using Email/SMS
  • Generate PDF on the fly and share (this is huge, also considering that it can be further encrypted if necessary)
  • Include Mobiuso branding in screenshots, emails, PDF, etc
  • Beyond the basic Table functionalities (swipe to handle the entries for renaming, locking/unlocking, etc) way ahead of what Apple released after iOS7+ in the core application portfolio

In a way this was the research aimed at creating what later became a released product for Skyscape, FlashDrive.  But at its core, I find it useful on a daily basis (in fact, so much that the recent iOS9 release broke some of the functionality and I had to scramble to update the app immediately, before I could do anything else, because I was getting trapped on airports, banks, or right in front of my computer without having my lifeline of the passwords file).

For those of you who own iPhone/iPod and are not using this app – you should try it!