16 Jun 2015

Making of Snaptica Pro

Snaptica Pro is our second showcase App from Mobiuso. The information about its development can be found on the blog entry on the dedicated Snaptica Website. Internally, our rationale behind spending time on such an app was multifold:

  • Demonstrating the process of turning some idea or a personal “pet peeve” into something useful/tangible – in other words, “don’t sit on your butt – if you don’t like something, do something about it“.  There are times when developers have ideas about something and keep talking about, but never even make any efforts to see what it will take to execute such a project.
  • Sweating all details that we would like to achieve when we are working on our client projects – demonstrating that we mean what we say, when we say that “we are on your side“.  This includes, things like usability, design, visual language, fonts (yes, repeat after me – fonts matter.  If you don’t believe me – ask Steve Jobs, metaphorically of course), colors, animation (speed, delays, styles), etc..
  • Develop and demonstrate the reusability of ideas, code snippets, controls, modules, etc. Remember Swiss army knife!
  • Cover a wide variety of subsystems (within the scope of the product, but it includes things like usage of system supplied features such as Camera, Accelerometer, graphical abilities, GPS  tracking, web communication, social media capabilities, calendar, contact management, Core Animation, etc)

So, Snaptica has been rich study in all of the above.  We hope to document as much as possible (and although this is in the context of iOS – lot of these learnings are valuable for other environments as well).

Mobiuso Dev Team